SK 2015 Learning and Serving Trip

Between March 7-14, 2015, 18 participants from Harmony through Harmony will be heading to Southern Saskatchewan for a Learning & Serving trip! The primary locations we will be traveling to include Fort Qu’Apelle, Regina and Caronport.

We will periodically post updates here on the blog. You can also follow our journey by liking our Harmony through Harmony Facebook page.

Traveling in a Learning & Serving Team is an important part of the HtH experience as it accomplishes our mission statement:
1. It builds community (internally and externally);
2. It expands world views (culturally, religiously, politically, economically etc.);
3. It develops the leadership of our participants;
4. It provides opportunities to promote justice (pre-trip, during and post-trip).

No two people experience the same travel experience – we see the world through our passions and strengths. Through the lenses of our upbringing, past experiences, and gifts, new experiences teach us about ourselves, how we can glorify God and our role in His Kingdom here on earth. In this way, travel is an opportunity to discover our uniqueness and why God has us alive at this time. A Learning & Serving Team creates this opportunity in the safety and transforming power of community.

Although we are performers, our performance is merely a reflection of the learning journey we are on. We seek to have attitudes of humility. We are not experts and we are inviting others to dare to learn and be stretched as we have. We hope our performance inspires others to take their “next step” of courage.

We invite God to increase our openness to the world around us in hopes that we will become more aware of the world that Jesus sees. Through prayer, guided reflection, and discussion, we discover how and when we are meant to respond.
Learning & Serving Trip Objectives:
• To develop relationships.
• To learn.
• To serve.
• To deepen faith / explore values

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