Bonding in Vehicles

Bonding in Vehicles by Torri Airhart

During our Winnipeg week there was a lot of driving from point A to point B. I was using my uncle’s CRV for the week and if I remember correctly we put over 900 kms on the vehicle over the course of that week. The necessity of all this time on the road created a lot of time spent together in the vehicles.


In the HtH schedule we spend many hours together over a year – that time is mostly spent in rehearsing, performing, and discussions. Within that context relationships are developed over time, but they mostly remain professional, with the director-chorister-leader dynamics and boundaries in place. What’s interesting is how quickly those dynamics change within the confines of a vehicle and how much other “learning” takes place. Suddenly the discussions are no longer about vocal technique, dynamics and phrasing but rather about families, childhood memories of schools and pastimes, favourite tv shows, food and endless other topics. It’s these discussions, this bonding, which provides a new context for relationships and friendships. Moving forward we have new relational currency and trust with each other. I was amazed in these travels at how little I actually knew of some of these singers, and how much there was to know. From late night gas stops (and impromptu performances for gas jockeys), to getting lost on reserves, to side of the road bathroom breaks in bogs – it all added to the shared experiences that created new context for doing music and life together.

And all of which goes to prove T S Eliot who mused “The journey not the arrival matters.”



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