It Takes a Team

Team Roles by Becky Timmons

In the HtH mission statement, there are four components: build community, expand worldviews, develop leaders and fight for justice. When we travel, we seek growth as individuals and as a community in each of these areas. One of the newer initiatives this trip included the disbursement of leadership roles.

The goal was to give all the travelers a greater sense of ownership in the trip, build community internally, expand the worldviews of what is involved in organizing teams and trips, and give opportunity to exercise leadership skills on peers (not an easy task)!

The very first night in Winnipeg we had a team meeting and among other business, roles were outlined and then each traveler had the opportunity to volunteer for a role. In very few cases did we resort to nominations, for the large majority members were excited and eager to take on a specific challenge! Where necessary we elected one champion and a crew to help with the task, for example Ben was our navigator, but since he could not be in 4 different vehicles at once, he had a navigation crew to direct each driver.

Since our trip was segregated into two legs, we imagined that we would choose roles for the first week and then switch everything around for the second week, however we found that people were excelling in the role they had chosen and so we simply traded out roles between people who were only doing one leg of the trip.

Here is a snap shot of each role and who filled it:

Food coordinator: create a meal plan for each day that includes allowances for allergies and preferences, snacks and hydration. Plan shopping trips and organize a team to facilitate taking and placing orders in restaurants.
Champion: Kelly/Peter (Beth, John)

Equipment Manager: ensure that all tech (ie. music stands, ppt or drums) and promotional material (ie. banners, pamphlets) brought on tour is well maintained and taken care of. Organize a team for the set up of tech and promotional equipment. Be the contact person for any ‘on-site’ technical people, collaborate with them to facilitate the tech needs of HtH for any concert or event.
Champion: Shaun (Becky, Ben, Kate K-promo)

Packing Guru: responsible for the efficient and careful packing of all HtH tech, promo material, individual baggage and personal belongings. Create a team and system of packing that ensures all belongings have been accounted for.
Champion: Winnipeg leg-Torri (Christina, Sebastian), Ontario leg-Mitch D. (Ben, Barron)

Navigator: in collaboration with the drivers, the navigator will plan efficient routes for the day’s activities. This person must prepare by bringing maps that can be accessed without an Internet connection. This person will also ensure the integrity of the van convoy.
Champion: Ben (Peter, David, Kelly, others with smart phones!)

Schedule Keeper: this person must coordinate with Beth on the schedule of events for the day. This person will then communicate that schedule to HtH participants. Note: this person does not create the schedule for the day, but is responsible to know enough to answer questions about it. This person will also be conscious about time required by each event for travel, prep and other time concerns so that they can consult with Beth on the schedule.
Champion: David

First Contact: this person will be the first contact for any HtH event. They will meet with the contact person of the event to determine the details of the event (ie. where are dressing rooms, what time is sound check, etc.) this person will also act as the point person for any HtH members questions. Champion: Alanna (Beth)

Keeper of the Purse: for any monies collected for HtH purposes, this person will keep a detailed accounting of the money received and for whom. This person will also keep track of money and receipts where costs incurred will later be charged to HtH participants. A detailed accounting of all the tour’s financial dealings will be required upon return from the tour.
Champion: Winnipeg leg-Sebastian, Ontario leg-Mitch

Fun Director: this person will work with the schedule keeper to find time to release the tension of the group through fun and uplifting activities (ie. van games, tour secret santa, wide games, etc.) keep in mind that these activities are purposes to bring the community closer together relationally.
Champion: Peter/Kelly (John, Christina)

Billet Coordinator: when billets are required, this person will assign HtH members with host families and coordinate with the host home providers. This person is also responsible to communicate all pertinent information to the host home (ie. what time they need to be back, what they need to fees them, make sure they have contact info, ect). This person must be fair and impartial as they make their billet assignments, making sure there is variety in HtH members who stay together.
Champion: Christina (Jen R)

Thank you Cards: this role takes on the responsibility to get the cards signed AHEAD of time. Must be prepared with blank cards at all times as there will often be ‘spur of the moment’ opportunities. This person will also present the cards on behalf of the group. Make sure that the billets get a card as well.
Champion: Winnipeg leg-Vicki, Ontario leg-Jen D

Complaint Director: this person will be the point person for all complaints in the group. They will keep track of complaints that happen through out the day. They will brainstorm 3 possible solutions to the problem with the person presenting the request. At the end of each day, this person will present the concerns and solutions to the lead team for final decisions. Complaints that require immediate response and action will be brought to the lead team at the appropriate time.
Champion: Winnipeg leg-John V, Ontario leg-Jen R `

Chaplain: the Chaplain is responsible for creating appropriate times of spiritual formation. This can take the form of devotional times (led by the Chaplain or others), worship time and prayer time. The Chaplain will also advocate to the lead team for extended times of spiritual connection, quiet times or journaling.
Champion: Reid (Kelly, Alanna, John F, John V)

Chronicler: this role is crutial to our extended network who are following the progress of our trip via facebook, blog, ect. This person is responsible to find people in HtH to journal their experiences for the Blog. This involves having a good idea of who was profoundly affected by an experience and encouraging them in the right way to share that emotion. This person is also responsible to work with the group photographer to collect and post pictures of relevant experiences. The final task is to post the material being sure to collect permissions from the sited organizations and people.
Champion: Winnipeg leg-Vicki (David, Reid, Becky), Ontario leg-Katie P (Jen D, Reid, Barron), Calgary wrap up-Beth, Facebook – Jen D

Last Man Out: generally a solo role, this person makes sure that all people and belongings for HtH are cleared from any given room or building after HtH has entered it. The role is as it sounds, be the last person out of everywhere we go to make sure nothing is left behind.
Champion: Jon F.

As I reflect on this new initiative, I really feel as though it really allowed for developing leaders to exercise those muscles through a task and an in an environment where they would not normally lead. We saw great leadership shine through our team and it is exciting to think of where these skills will take us in the future!

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