Day 2: Sunday evening, May 26th, 2013

BBQ by Becky Timmons

This evening we were blessed to be invited to the home of close friends of Beth and Reid’s. Mark and Michelle, along with their two children, welcomed the entire HtH clan over for a BBQ and hangout. This was a wonderful opportunity for us as a group to unwind from the busy day, to meet new friends and practice some of our performing skills.

Mark manned the BBQ while we learned a song (Peace Prayer) that we will sing for Steve Bell tomorrow. Having worked up an appetite through singing and trampolining (a few HtH’ers enjoyed a jump or two) we happily set out to consume the mountain of food provided!

Thank you Mark and Michelle for your generosity to us!

Thank you Mark and Michelle for your generosity to us!

After dinner we performed an impromptu concert in the living room for Mark, Michelle and their neighbors. It was a great chance for us to work through some musical moments for our upcoming awareness concert. We also enjoyed connecting with a small audience and between songs, people would ask questions about the songs or the group. We enjoyed this interaction because it gave us yet another opportunity to make new friends.


It was surprising how many connections we could make with our new Winnipeg friends, whether through people we all knew or experiences we all had, it truly felt like it is a small world! We are excited to see what other opportunities and experiences God has for us on this trip.


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